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What is DSRE?

DSRE (Digworld Streaming Radio Engine) is a project designed to commoditize Internet radio broadcasting. It is designed to be as compatible as possible, and is written in plain Perl. As such, its only requirement is a web server that supports Perl CGI scripts, including NPH scripts.

Using DSRE, anyone with cheap webhosting can access the world of online broadcasting, making the hosting of a radio stream accessible to hundreds of listeners no more difficult or expensive than the hosting of an HTML page accessible to hundreds of viewers.

DSRE is free

DSRE is licensed under the open-source MIT license, which allows you to copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of DSRE as you see fit. The source code is available for you to build on, or integrate into other projects.

DSRE is great for webmasters who want to be able to host a radio stream without being limited by a home broadband connection or expensive radio hosting services. DSRE is also great for ISPs who would like to be able to offer their users this functionality at no additional cost to the ISP.

DSRE is powerful

DSRE is made up of several components:

  1. The DSRE Perl script, which serves a radio stream and a programming schedule page.
  2. The experimental Vindaloo software, which enables use of a microphone.
  3. The "courier" mode, in which DSRE will relay data from a seperate radio server.

The next planned feature for DSRE is RSS and podcasting support, which will make it an incredibly flexible multi-purpose audio broadcasting tool.